We Squared

We Squared (WE2 ) stands for Wellbeing and Equality for Everyone. WE2 is an initiative of the Institute of Wellbeing. It is based on the belief that the problems of poverty and environmental degradation will not be solved if we continue on the same path. There is enough wealth in the world to end the worst poverty, if we only spread it more evenly. The only hope for the future is if we take environmental issues more seriously. Young people have a crucial role to play in solving the problems caused by previous generations.

WE2 is an international platform for young people who wish to work for positive change. WE2 has various campaigns to give young people the chance to bring about rapid change that will make a difference today, and into the future.

The WE2 logo is Challenge, Resist, Regain. This refers to the need to Challenge the existing economic system which encourages ever-greater inequality and environmental degradation. It refers to the need to resist corporate power, whereby giant transnational corporations can dictate to governments what laws they can and cannot pass. It refers to the desire to Regain our independence: the independence to support small, local, independent shops that are good for our local economies, rather than be controlled by giant corporations.

Interested in joining or starting a club? Please visit www.wesquared.club. You can also find us on Facebook.