Understanding value

By: Debra Efroymson                                                                                  

June 11, 2017

Many years ago, I lived with a family and their beautiful big dog. They hired a man to come regularly to do repairs on their home; he had his own key. One day the worker informed me that while the dog barked vigorously at his arrival when I was home, the dog did not bark if he came when the house was empty. At first this seemed like a lack of loyalty: was the dog only trying to impress me, but didn’t care about guarding the home when there was no one watching? Then I realized, no, it was more likely that the dog had its values right. Who cares if someone comes and takes stuff? It is people who are valuable; the dog wanted to keep people safe. That was his perceived duty. As with my dog who looked at a beggar and then pissed on the expensive car parked next to him, I just wish that people had their value system as clear as do our canines.