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  1. Volunteer: If you are interested in our work but don’t have the time to do an internship or take our classes, you are also welcome to join us as a volunteer. Follow our Events for various activities that we are organizing, or use Contact Us to tell us about your interests.
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  3. We Squared Clubs: In order to promote our ideas, the Institute of Wellbeing has started We Squared clubs. We Squared (WE2) stands for Wellbeing & Equality for Everyone. Our slogan is “Challenge, Resist, Regain”. We seek to challenge the system that considers rising inequality and environmental degradation as progress; resist corporate power over our governments and our lives; regain our independence to build strong local communities. Under We Squared, we are carrying out four campaigns: Parklets, Carfree Cities, Revolt Against Plastics, and Urban Gardening. Join our Facebook group to know more about the campaigns:
  4. Campaigns:


A parklet is a small park, temporary or permanent, in the space otherwise occupied by one or more parked cars. It is a way of returning some urban space to people for their recreation and socializing.


Making our cities carfree would drastically reduce a number of pressing problems including traffic congestion, climate change air pollution, traffic crashes, and obesity. We could save vast amounts of time, space, and money while living in vastly more pleasant cities. (


One-use plastics are a menace to our health and environment. Our oceans are filled with plastic debris. Plastic kills birds, fish, and other life that mistakes it for food. It is time to revolt against one-use containers. (


Help make the city green and enjoy fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables by growing food on your verandahs and rooftop!


We are also creating FB pages for different countries. To learn more, or to start a group in your university/country, please contact us.