A lot is wrong with current economic thinking. The bad effects are all around us: a worsening environment, growing inequality, and bankrupt governments. But we cannot achieve something better if we do not learn to identify and counter the myths that hold us back. Beyond Apologies makes the case for an economics not of waste, consumption, and inequality, but of wellbeing.

Ever wondered whether Gross Domestic Product (GDP) really tells us how well our countries are doing? Ever wondered if economic growth is a sensible and useful goal? Ever thought that perhaps the media is not giving us unbiased information about our economies? Beyond Apologies discusses thirteen myths about economics, including what GDP really tells us, problems with the goals of economic growth, and the role media plays in furthering inequality.

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  • Debra Efroymson’s new book is a must read for development practitioners and social justice advocates
    –Judy Gearhart, Executive Director, International Labor Rights Forum
  • Debra Efroymson... presents evidence, stories, and insights that health, environmental and social justice activists can use to guide their efforts to create a healthier, more sustainable and more just world.
    – Nicholas Freudenberg, Distinguished Professor of Public Health, City University of New York and author of Lethal but Legal: Corporations, Consumption and Protecting Public Health (OUP, 2014)
  • Economics does not have to be the dismal science. Many false assumptions have crept into economics over the years. Debra Efroymson clears the air and shows us how to build a prosperous and sustainable economy
    – J.H. Crawford, author of Carfree Cities (International Books, 2002) and Carfree Design Manual (International Books, 2009)
  • Excellent, bold, and realistic...I learned a lot from her.
    –Mohammed Sujauddin, Professor, Bangladesh University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)
  • Incredible, well-written, lots of examples...probably the best book I've read. I thought it will only talk about economics, but there is so much more than that.
    – Mélissa Mialon, Ph. D. student
  • Utterly arresting.
    – Adam Smith Albion, Program Director, South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA)
  • I loved it!
    – Paula Johns, Co-Founder and Director, ACT Tobacco Control Alliance, a Brazilian coalition of over a thousand members and a member of the Brazilian National Health Council
About the Author
Debra Efroymson is Regional Director of the Canadian NGO HealthBridge and an advisor to Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and the Institute of Wellbeing. Debra has lived and worked in Asia since 1994. She has written about and spoken extensively on the issues of tobacco control, sexuality and reproductive health, urban planning, transport policy, and economics.
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