About Us

Our Mission
The Institute of Wellbeing seeks to build a network of people who actively challenge existing notions about economics and who wish to live in a world in which people use and share resources wisely and fairly. Given a planet with limited resources and a limited capacity to absorb waste, it is important that we reduce resource use and seek direct approaches to improve wellbeing. This requires reducing inequality. Rather than make choices between health, the environment, and economics, we seek to promote solutions that will improve all three: healthier people, a less polluted environment, and strong local economies, as well as vibrant communities and happier people.

Our Activities
The Institute of Wellbeing facilitates the exchange of ideas and information about approaches to increasing wellbeing. Our main activities include promoting the ideas in the book Beyond Apologies, Defining and Achieving an Economics of Wellbeing (available for download on this website) and involvement of youth in advocacy for change, via We Squared Clubs (www.wesquared.club). Other activities include classes, talks in Bangladesh and overseas, internships, and other learning opportunities.

What is Wellbeing?
Wellbeing refers to both material and social aspects of people’s lives, as well as to the overall living environment. Material wellbeing refers to having enough, in decent quality, of the basic necessities, particularly shelter, food, clothing, education, and health care. In cities, it can also refer to having access to good transport: safe, comfortable, and convenient conditions for walking and cycling, and a good and affordable public transit system.

Social wellbeing includes connections to people and institutions, to strong, vibrant communities, and to thriving neighbourhoods. It also refers to respect for human rights, including the rights of workers and of people with disabilities.

Who We Are

Debra Efroymson, Acting Director

Mir A. Shafi, Communications Manager

Masum Billah Bhuyan, Policy Assistant

Barani Dalbot, Media & Communications Assistant

Mithun Ismail, Assistant Networking Officer

The Institute of Wellbeing offers lectures on topics related to wellbeing, both in Bangladesh and overseas. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a lecture at your university or institution.

The Institute of Wellbeing offers courses on issues related to wellbeing and ways of working effectively to promote it.

The Institute of Wellbeing conducts targeted, policy-focused research in order to define needed areas for policy intervention, to assess problems with law implementation, to measure popular support for specific policies, and so on.

We have recently conducted research on the following areas of We Squared campaigns: parklets, carfree cities, disposable plastic bottles, and urban gardening.

The Institute of Wellbeing hosts interns interested in learning more about the work of the Institute and in contributing to our efforts. Both foreigners and Bangladeshis are welcome. If you are interested in becoming an intern, please visit this page http://www.instituteofwellbeingbd.org/internships/

We Squared clubs
A network of young change-makers, mostly ex-interns of The Institute of Wellbeing from various universities across Bangladesh and India are in the process of forming student organizations at their respective campuses to take up campaigns to promote initiatives such as reducing plastic waste, carfree cities, parklets and urban gardening. For more information, please visit www.wesquared.club