Welcome to the Institute of Wellbeing

Wellbeing refers to both material and social aspects of people’s lives, as well as to the overall living environment. Material wellbeing refers to having enough, in decent quality, of the basic necessities, particularly shelter, food, clothing, education, and health care. In cities, it can also refer to having access to good transport: safe, comfortable, and convenient conditions for walking and cycling, and a good and affordable public transit system.

Social wellbeing includes connections to people and institutions, to strong, vibrant communities, and to thriving neighbourhoods. It also refers to respect for human rights, including the rights of workers and of people with disabilities.

The Institute of Wellbeing facilitates the exchange of ideas and information about approaches to increasing wellbeing. Our main activities include promoting the ideas in the book Beyond Apologies, Defining and Achieving an Economics of Wellbeing (available for download on this website) and involvement of youth in advocacy for change, via We Squared Clubs (www.wesquared.club). Other activities include lectures in Bangladesh and overseas, classes, policy-focused research and internships.


Learning Opportunities


Go to Revolt Against Plastic

Revolt Against Plastic

One-use plastics are a menace to our health and environment. Our oceans are filled with plastic debris. Plastic kills birds, fish, and other life that mistakes it for food. It is time to revolt against one-use containers.

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A parklet is a small park, temporary or permanent, in the space otherwise occupied by one or more parked cars. It is a way of returning some urban space to people for their recreation and socializing.



Making our cities carfree would drastically reduce a number of pressing problems including traffic congestion, climate change air pollution, traffic crashes, and obesity. We could save vast amounts of time, space, and money while living in vastly more pleasant cities.

Go to Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Help make the city green and enjoy fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables by growing food on your verandahs and rooftop!